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5 Ways to Live a Life You Love

I’ve been enjoying life so. freaking. much. these days. I finally feel like I’m in my groove and the universe is responding to all the hard work that I’ve been putting in over the years. I’ve also been spending some time exploring why my life is going (because I want to keep it up!). Here are five things that have been prominent in my view of life which have made a big impact.

  1. Find Joy in the Little Things: They say that when planning a party, the magic is in the details, I could say the same thing about life. A few years ago I made a dedicated decision to find joy in the little things. I was going through a really rough phase (if you can consider 3 years a phase) and I noticed that when I saw flowers, a little kid laughing, or when I caught a strangers smile my day would get better. While I’m naturally an outgoing, optimistic person, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have days where I think the world sucks, heck there’s a lot of terrible things happening out there. I sometimes have to remind myself that it takes just as much energy to be joyful as it does to be miserable. So I’ve decided to choose joy, and it’s working out pretty well so far.
  2. Express Your Love Openly: I think that a lot of people associate love only in a familial or romantic setting, but I’m sure that’s not the case. There is a certain love that you can find within your community and with your friends. To me, it’s important to express my gratitude and love towards the people who impact my life on the daily; my friends. If you’re not practiced in this, it an be a little awkward, but then it will flow easily and naturally. Telling people if you’re proud of them, they inspire you, or you’re just glad they’re around makes a big impact, so why not give it a shot.
  3. Take Time to Yourself: This weekend I found myself with free time, which isn’t normal. I generally have major fomo (fear of missing out), and am super social. I don’t sleep enough, I drink a lot of coffee, and I’ve been on that summer time hustle. I decided I needed to take some time to myself and it was better than I could have imagined. I painted, drank coffee, ate thai food, and sat on the beach. It was ideal. As I refueled  I was reminded of what it’s like to slow down, and how important it is for my success. You can’t hustle 100% of the time. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.
  4. Work Towards What You’re Passionate About: I’ve always loved the idea that if you’re doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. It’s really resonating with me these days. I’m busy, but I’m working towards goals that I’m passionate about and I’m enjoying the process. It can be really hard to find something you love, sometimes you have to be patient and learn a lot of lessons on the way. You’ve got to get down to the grit of what you want out of life. These things take time and energy to explore, but when you do, it’s worth it.
  5. It’s Okay To Cry: There’s this idea that if you’re happy, you’re happy all the time. That’s bullshit. Sometimes it’s okay to cry. Tears can be sad, joyful, healing, etc. Expressing an emotional release like this can help reduce the tension and stress if your body. It gives you freedom and space to take in what’s good, by releasing what is no longer serving you. So don’t hold things in, shed a tear or two if necessary, and remember to take care of yourself.

My life isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn great most of the time. What tips do you have to live a healthier, happier life?

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  • I love and miss you Alisha! I follow you sometimes on here and you are truly inspirational ❤️

    July 19, 2016 at 11:49 pm

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