Alisha Ochoa | Thankful Thursday: Happy Birthday to ME!
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Thankful Thursday: Happy Birthday to ME!

This week I’m celebrating my 27th time around the sun, and I’m truly loving the direction that my life is headed in.

During my birthday, it’s important to me that I acknowledge those who have made a positive impact on my life. When I reflect on the changes within the past year, I know that I couldn’t have made the progress, or changes to be a better person without the help of my friends or family. Here are 100 things that I’m grateful for…


100 Things I’m Grateful For (in no particular order)

  1. Establishing a strong connection with those around me
  2. Having a giant family (even if we’re all a little strange)
  3. Fresh flowers (I love having them in my home!)
  4. The moment before you fall asleep and you’re 100% relaxed
  5. Moving to Leucadia
  6. Having amazing roommates
  7. Making new friends
  8. Nourishing the relationships I’ve already built
  9. Being vulnerable (it’s so hard)
  10. Loving with my whole heart (see above)
  11. Learning from having a broken heart (still see above)
  12. Really loving myself, even if that process isn’t easy
  13. Kittens who are cuddly (mostly Bodhi)
  14. Taking risks and working towards positive change
  15. Boss Babes– they’re simply inspirational
  16. Exploring my love of writing (who knew!?)
  17. My desire to be a life long learner
  18. Taking day trips with friends
  19. Girl dates to fancy restaurants
  20. Champagne
  21. Technology that keeps people who are far away, close to my heart
  22. Building a community (meeting new people, connecting people I already know, and supporting one another)
  23. My personal yoga practice
  24. Doodle a day
  25. Coffee shops (the community that I’ve built in them, the quality of the coffee, and the culture in general)
  26. Amazing Baristas (they really have become my friends)
  27. Dinner dates
  28. Crying when I need to (it’s such a good release)
  29. Celebrating love (all types!)
  30. Nights spent with neighbors
  31. Monday night dinners (GOT + Wings!)
  32. Early morning hikes (there’s nothing like watching the sunrise)
  33. Seeing my family find happiness (it’s been a hard few years, but we’re really getting there!)
  34. Babies (they’re really freaking cute)
  35. Painting
  36. Putting love into our household (it’s finally coming together and I LOVE my home)
  37. Tuning into intention
  38. Mother nature (she’s amazing)
  39. Farmers market salads (the flavors are unreal, you’re supporting your friends, and your local economy, while taking care of yourself)
  40. Earl grey tea (with heavy cream)
  41. Supporting local business
  42. Ice cream + gelato… but seriously
  43. Finding time to just be still
  44. Discovering new music
  45. Introducing people to yoga
  46. Watching my students progress
  47. Sunshine (it’s so healing for the soul)
  48. Feeling strong
  49. Finding confidence
  50. The sound of the waves crashing
  51. Playing with puppies
  52. Learning breathe work
  53. Hanging with my pops (coffee dates, hiking, going to the movies, beach days, and just hanging out)
  54. The bond with my sisterfriends
  55. My brother bear and Brit
  56. The love that I have for my nice and nephew (my heart might just explode!)
  57. Learning from and loving my Great Granny (she’s 100!!!)
  58. Getting out of town (hello Arcata, Palm Springs, Portland, Playas De Tijuana, Salton Sea, more Palm Springs, Idyllwild, Las Vegas, LA adventures and I’m probably forgetting a few)
  59. Going to a lot of concerts + live music (Glass Animals, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pepper, Kevin Garrett, Leucadia fun on the 101, Devlov, + more!)
  60. Seat heaters (sounds silly, but I’m obsessed)
  61. Community over competition
  62. Reading lots of good books (Pride & Prejudice will never get old)
  63. Really good yoga pants and bikinis
  64. Long meals with lots of laughter
  65. Sporadic dance parties in my car
  66. Brunch (enough said)
  67. Watching my friends reach their potential
  68. Seeing loved one find AMAZING love and partners
  69. Whales and dolphins
  70. Watching really good parents, parent.
  71. Not waking up to alarm clock
  72. Change- it’s hard, but it’s worth it
  73. Weddings (they’re a lot of work, but a lot of fun!)
  74. Really. Good. Thai Food. (Drunken Noodles FTW)
  75. Taking time to take care of myself
  76. Building furniture
  77. Lavender (oil, plants, beverages, all of the above)
  78. Journaling
  79. Really moving poetry (R.M. Drake, Tyler Knott Gregrson, etc)
  80. Harry Potter World (childhood dreams do come true ya’ll!)
  81. Couch talks- the long heart to hearts with your best friend
  82. Being honest with my emotions (to myself and others)
  83. Friends moving home
  84. The moon. holy cow.
  85. When you feel so overwhelmed by how beautiful the world is that you can’t take it and you just need a moment to process everything that’s around you
  86. Really good hugs
  87. Being spontaneous (like getting my nose pierced on the way to thai food)
  88. People who inspire me (there are a lot of them!)
  89. Taking time to reflect on the past, the present, and what I want out of the future
  90. Supporting local artists
  91. Table gardens (plants around the house just make everything more cheerful)
  92. Perfectly planned parties (they’re a reallll good time)
  93. The perfect bubble bath
  94. When your muscles have a hint of soreness
  95. Finding confidence in my voice, even when it’s hard
  96. Learning to take myself seriously
  97. Closure
  98. Photographs– they capture the most magical moments
  99. Watching my friends thrive and following their dreams
  100. You.


Thank you. Thank you for teaching me so much this past year. Thanks for helping me navigate this thing called life.


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